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Zetectic 02-09-2019 05:45 PM

am i wrong?
i belong to 2 communities, one is Graalians and the other is the guild from BDO (an MMO game) discord. They're back to BDO, i am not. Anyways this morning, i ran into some fight with BDO one.

so the gm and an officer is talking about a meetup in animecon 2019. so i joined the conversation and talked about me & YD's old meet up, then i said can't share the pics cause he was underaged at the time. then one member got so irritated for talking about 'underage' and now he's worried that his new recruits would leave after reading this. ???

then he goes on to talk about US laws and FBI tracking ***. im like wtf. i can't even talk about my friend??? why are u even so afraid of. I just can't understand.. it's not like i had any sexual intend or talked about some random underaged girl. it's my friend YD and he was 16 or 17 and it was a literally just face to face meet up talk.

then he's like don't talk about underage on the internet, there's no privacy. im like ok, wtf is wrong with u. and especially he triggered me with "im worried that new recruits would leave cause of this"??? like the hell if i care. the fight was stopped by the gm, but im still pissed off.

i can't even talk about my friend? who's same age as me now. am i wrong here? my brain just cant seem to understand this one. i specifically wanna know about the stance on my case in replies. but feel free to share any other knowledges/experiences too...

Crono 02-09-2019 05:49 PM

the problem is you brought up the word "underage" when this has nothing to do with "underage" and you made it sound like you have some perverted ass pictures of someone under 18

Zetectic 02-09-2019 11:20 PM


Posted by Crono (Post 824220)
the problem is you brought up the word "underage" when this has nothing to do with "underage" and you made it sound like you have some perverted ass pictures of someone under 18

yeah i can't deny that, but he should be able to figure out that driving age is close enough to being adult.. it's funny, cause he's the one who had an inappropriate picture until a week ago. now he tries to make me sound like im a pedo. *smh*

maximus_asinus 02-10-2019 12:52 AM

I would bet that this guy is some kind of closet weeaboo pedo in training and just by bringing up the subject of being underage triggered him.

Kiri 02-10-2019 08:47 AM

many gamers especially the adults from bdo take it seriously that they only join guilds with no minors, it was unnecessary to bring up "underage" you could have handled that better and it wasn't their fault to overreact.

How is driving age close to being an adult?

"The minimum age for applying for your learner's permit is 15 years old, but you can begin your driver's education at 14 years old"

There is a reason why the minor age is 18. even that age is too low considering they aren't mature enough until 20+

Zetectic 02-10-2019 03:07 PM

o well i thought it was 16 to drive alone. Anyways, I admit my mistake for saying that word, but the reason why i used that word is bc they wanted to see pics and they weren't afraid to ask, cause we (GM to original old members) already shared our faces. most people there have been with me for last 3 years.

the guy who overreacted was pretty irrelevant until i guess he took a part of reviving the guild.

eeh but i get what u guys are saying ;;

Colin 02-10-2019 04:38 PM

Why can’t you show the photo because he’s underage lol? That’s not illegal, there’s no legal or moral ramifications

Eugeen 02-10-2019 05:05 PM

I think you just used the wrong words, they overreacted and you didn’t explain what you actually meant properly.

Your best bet is to simply explain you made a mistake with your wordings and that you actually meant that you don’t want to share a picture of other people without their approval as it’s a matter of someones privacy.
This should clear the air and give an opportunity for those that overreacted to apoligize aswell and even if they don’t, you can just choose to let it go and move on.

Zetectic 02-11-2019 02:33 AM

yeah i moved on and most of u are right. thanks for all the input bois.

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