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FanthomFoxy 04-08-2021 07:53 PM

Monthly player's submissions shop
A small idea that occurred to me to give more interaction to the community, in addition to being an idea that can attract the most creative Graalians, and that not only that, it will also give more vitality to the game itself would be the following:
A monthly community submissions store

Well, let me explain.
It would be a store where every month 5-10 objects such as hats, toys, and even weapons will be on sale, and well ... And what is good about this? Well, all the objects will be created by the users, people can create hats and others, and send them at the end of each month, to be able to see them for sale in the next delivery of objects, and the reward would be juicy, for the hats could It will be a prize of 5k gralats, in addition to being able to have your hat for free, as for the toys, being something simpler to do, it would be 2.5k gralats, besides that you will also get it for free, and for weapons, it would be a Prize to choose of 25k gralats or the weapon for free.


The requirements to do so would be the following:
Shipments from the same player could not be accepted twice in a row, that is, if an item is accepted in one month, your items will not be accepted in the next month.

Another requirement would be to show in which application the items have been designed, because there are problems with certain apps, because to avoid problems it would be good to send some tests that they have been designed in a permitted application.

Other requirements would be those of a lifetime ...
That they are not obscene
Only one person can receive the awards in the event that several people work together on the same project ...

And I do not know what else to say...


The prices would be the following.

Hats: 2.5k-5k
Toys: 1k-2.5k-5k
Weapons: 10k-25k-50k
Mounts: 10k-20k-30k
Morphs: 5k-10k-15k

The prices are depending on the quality of the item, and for the weapons according to the statistics assigned by the administrators

I think that this is all... Thank for they attention

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