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Weeno 01-25-2021 03:53 AM

lmao did i get IP banned
what the heck lol all of a sudden i kept getting "connection error: game server cannot be reached" or something like that and i thought "lol classic Zone" but then it kept going for a bit too long and i decided to delete and redownload the game (prob should have kept it deleted) and it still shows me the error screen. then i was like screw it i'll just switch to vpn and boom all of a sudden i log in just fine

FanthomFoxy 01-25-2021 07:47 AM

That is so rare, try to ask to a moderator why they ban your IP

Weeno 01-25-2021 02:42 PM


Posted by FanthomFoxy (Post 832222)
That is so rare, try to ask to a moderator why they ban your IP

yea my only guess is maybe my lil bro did something but he rarely plays zone or graal in general. i wouldn't mind waiting out the ban if he did something but if he did do something shouldn't he have gotten a personal ban?? i doubt he's like a hacker or something for an admin to pull the trigger on an IP BAN(i honestly doubt he would do anything in the first place tbh)

FanthomFoxy 02-10-2021 06:41 AM

and if he lend his account to someone, and that person used it for bad actions?? It could be the posibility

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