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ZedFox 01-04-2019 08:03 AM


Posted by Symmasolan (Post 819606)
On Ol'West, accessories

I like how on Ol'West you can wear an accessory + any body that has built-in scarves and hoods and so on and so forth... but not on Classic.

RETXOX 04 01-05-2019 12:46 PM

Hola puedo mandar una imagen de un hat y la puedo mandar a graal?

ArchieIsHere 07-10-2019 06:58 PM


Leo Zeldak 07-14-2019 06:29 PM

Adding accessories this late will take a lot of effort from the gani team, to go through every single animation, add the sprites, then put them in every single frame of every single direction of every single weapon, as mystical dragon said, it will not be worth the time and effort that'll be put into it, also as he stated (i'm not sure) they will have to go through every single customs uploaded and delete those containing accessory-looking items on them, such as backpacks and scarfs, also a new upload approving rule which is so much to do.

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Dusty 07-14-2019 09:31 PM

Classic didn't have someone go through every gani and add the accessory sprites.

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