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MysticalDragon 04-02-2018 06:12 AM

"ban ban ban"

MJ4 04-02-2018 06:20 AM


Posted by Tricky (Post 808758)
Nah man play fortnite, that's all the new craze now.

iOS version is bad tho


Posted by caseyw (Post 808760)
I dont downplay the situation at all.

In what context is removing someones account a suitable punishment for talking about another game? if you honestly believe that unixmad is in the right here then i seriously dont know whats wrong with you.

and if you didnt realise, censoring the name of said clone and unlinking users for playing it has only increased its popularity, so congrats. yall played yourself.


Vendhin 04-02-2018 08:30 AM

When you have people who seem to be senior members of the staff hierarchy (i'm not up to date on staff structure) discussing that its fun to ban people - what carlito was alluding to "ban ban ban" lol.

It does seem from an outside perspective that some people with sway right now in the iera management circle might not have the best intentions regarding the punishment of players if it's seen as "fun"

There have always been people in the graal community who just like exercising their power over others and like abusing authority and having an official rule handed down by unixmad himself that allows them to literally strip people of their accounts is probably a great time for them.

Of course the staff will say there are no problems with the current team, and if they like the current regime they probably think it's great- It's certainly a different way of managing and running a server, definitely more authoritarian than it used to be.

There was a reason like 30 people quit with the regime change (and most of management), and it wasn't because we didn't want to work with Arlene. We really did try- but her way of running a server and our way of running a server was too different.

She was asking us to fundamentally change how we ran iera (council based voting system of management primarily) into a system where we just did what we were told whether we thought it was the best thing for iera or not.

I'm trying very hard here not to be negative- there's nothing inherently wrong with the manager "being right all the time" or having the final say in everything, it is a managers right.
But, it can be caustic and nasty to people who don't agree -
Having said that, i'm sure there are staff in the current administration who don't like the way things are run but i'm not sure you're ever going to see any negative comments at all while they're still staff.
You can draw parallels with this in politics. Nobody wants to leak any information because if they do they'll get canned and possibly blacklisted, and maybe- like anero and kirzey even lose their accounts.

I'm sure some people will- after their time on iera when they've moved on plead the Nuremberg defence. "I only did what i was told" "I only said that to fit in"

We'll never know how people truly feel unfortunately. If you want to know what people really think, read into the posts of people who have already left- their goodbye posts or their public comments afterwards to see what kind of a place it is

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