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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I attach a saved file?

How do I attach an image from another website?
  • To attach an image from a website, you need the image address of the picture. This can be found by right clicking the image, and then clicking Copy Image Address.
    Including the file format of the picture is important. If it is a moving picture, append gif. onto the end of the URL. If it is a still picture, then use .png or .jpg.
    In your post, you need to attach this image. The format is:
    PHP Code:


How do I attach a YouTube Video?
  • To attach a YouTube video, you only need to append the last part of the video's URL.
    PHP Code: //Example URL
    [YOUTUBE]dQw4w9WgXcQ[/YOUTUBE//Proper format 

Who are the moderators?
  • A list of moderators can be found on the bottom of the main page in the section View Forum Leaders.
    If you have any questions about the website, have any account issues, or need any assistance, send a private message to any of these people.

How do I change my username?
  • You need to contact a moderator to have your username changed. Send a private message to one of them with the name you want for your profile.

How do I change my avatar?
  • You can change your avatar through the User CP.
    The image must either be 128x128 pixels, or 640 KB. Anything above that will not be uploaded.

How do I block another user?
  • To block another user, edit your Ignore List through your User CP.
    Blocking a user means that you won't see their posts, and they can't send you any private messages.

How do I report a post?
What is Reputation?
  • Reputation ( is used to reward helpful/funny/interesting posts. If you like a post, click the Add Reputation ( button from the bottom left of the post.
    The more reputation you have, the more reputation it takes to add another bar to your profile.
    You only have a limited amount of reputation that you can give per day, and you may only add reputation to a person after you've given more reputation to other users.
    Your reputation count can be viewed in your User CP.

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