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Rusix 11-20-2017 12:24 AM

Favorite Quotes you heard of?
Generally, I believe most people like or love certain quotes they hear through their life. So, I decided to make a thread about it to hear quotes other people like. And give us your interpretation of what the quote means.

Example being
"Civilized men are more discourteous than savages"
In a way this quote is true, Because modern men can be impolite. Without having their skulls split in half like how a savage would be to another. Making modern men more discourteous.

DoubleliftGraal 11-20-2017 12:35 AM

War's not about who's right, it's about who's left.

If you die, war's pointless cuz you fought for nothing, except for your own death.

Pokki 11-20-2017 03:49 AM

"yeah i'm a diva miss marilyn monroe" -danielle cohn

Clown 11-20-2017 05:06 AM

You'll never find happiness until you understand what you already have.

Not actually a quote I heard but it's something I discovered, and live by it :)

Harriskar 11-20-2017 10:53 AM

" I hate you all "- False Depressed human

Eugeen 11-20-2017 07:29 PM

Ok ok fine a more appropriate quote then

"q p w" -Every runescaper ever

TWIZ 11-20-2017 08:54 PM

"Two plus two is four minus one that's three quick maths"
-Big Shaq

RyanB 11-20-2017 09:34 PM

"Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's gonna die, come watch tv?" Morty (Rick and Morty)

Basil 11-21-2017 02:25 AM


oh, chick-a, chick-a, chick-a, when you're in a jam, ticky-ticky-ticky, remember i'm your ham! oh, kushi-kushi-kushi, remember i'm your ham! badda-badda-badda, when you need a man, okuo, kushi, kushi, remember i'm your ham!
- hamtaro

DoubleliftGraal 11-21-2017 03:25 AM

A full commitment's what I'm thinking of

TomatoPanda 11-21-2017 11:18 AM

"Because it's not even particularly close. Holocaust, awful. Oppression of women, unfathomably awful." -SJW

Holocaust totally wasnt as bad as the oppression my fellow woman have been through! #WomansRights #Oppresion #BlackLivesMatter #RacistRighters #StopWomanRape #Pray4Woman

GOAT 11-23-2017 04:29 AM

"Throughout years of obvserving the spar community, I have noticed that the amount of respect that the winner deserves has gone down drastically. I have come to the overall conclusion that the current spar community is full of people who do not know their place. There are countless examples of people who do not comprehend where they stand but recently it has just been pathetic. I am speaking as an individual who witnessed and experienced the reign of (Alumni), which was a three year period of complete dominance over the sparring community. If any person who reads this does not recognize (Alumni) as the best sparring guild ever , then that in itself completely reinforces my argument. The aftermath of (Alumni) includes (7ives) which has completely destroyed every idevice team and backed up their winning habits by winning the mixed GST tournament previous to this one. No, I am not saying to love us, y'all can hate us for all I care, but most of you need to learn what respect truly is & recognize where you stand. I am already ready to hear things like OH YOU WERE A SUB YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING but in all honesty, I don't really care and that is not what this paragraph is written for. This paragraph is to let y'all know that things such as messaging Thallen about being in the wrong "spar tier", making status's about beating (Alumni). These are the things that reinforce our position as being the best because it clarifies how much you value our opinion." - Blaze


Rusix 11-23-2017 02:48 PM

Well then lol

GOAT 11-25-2017 05:22 AM

S A!!! - Queen Sarah_

GOAT 08-01-2018 06:24 AM

“I wish people didn’t call them that. Trolls… They aren’t mythical creatures. You can’t look up how to defeat them in the Monster Manual. There are no critical hits, no saving rolls. They aren’t make-believe. They’re real. And they’re assholes.” - Antago

not Antago

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