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Fae 12-28-2019 08:20 PM

Title Plate Competition
We're now introducing a competition for a new feature of ours: titles. Players will soon be able to show off achievements and other special things using titles they've acquired. Here are a couple examples of some I've made.

For the competition: Everyone can make a title card and post them in #titles of our Discord or here with no limit on the number you contribute. No inappropriate images or titles, but other than that feel free to go a little wild. Please do not use stolen or copyrighted images as this will disqualify all your entries. For now there is no entry close date, but please try to get them in as soon as possible without rushing yourself as we will post a close date as we deem it appropriate.

The person who creates the best title plate will get their title used in game as one of the first and be credited as such. If you have questions, let me know. The template is just here below- good luck!

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