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Amanda 06-29-2021 08:04 PM

Farming needs to be "reworked" in order to revive ol'west trading with blueberries as main trading currency. So here's my opinion on how to fix it.

1. Everyone's crops/seeds should be removed/wiped, we never know if there's still glitched blueberries on ol'west. Tell people to sell their crops before removing it. (We'll probably know where it came from if anyone suddenly gets over millions gralats)

2. Make it back to 62 plots instead of 25 and change seeds price and profit. (A small nerf)

3. In order to be able to build a farm in your house you must have atleast 100-500 hours and pay like 500k Gralats (add that into plots price or the actual price to "Enable" farming) to avoid players making multiple farming accounts.

4. (Optional) Add a "Water all option perk" you can buy for gralats and will automatically water your crops. You must collect it by yourself before it starts withering though.
Could be sold for real money so there's more ways of making money other than just gralats packs.) And no.. It wouldn't make the game "Pay to win" since it's not hard to water your crops manually.

Ps: Farming should be a "Late game content" in my opinion, that's why the high price and hours requirements to build one in your house.

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