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FanthomFoxy 02-10-2021 09:53 AM

A game that they must try
One of my favourite games its called Warriors Of The Universe
It is a pixelart anime fighting game, where you can create any kind of character with his character customization section, includes you can create Graal characters themed.

Game modes
You can play in the traditional battle mode, when you choose your character and the rivals or allies, up to 8 characters as max, the winner will be the last team alive.

Or you can train your combos in the training mode, it is perfect for try you custom characters with his custom powers and attacks.

If you want to get a challenge, you can try the tower mode, depending the dificulty of it, you will fight against more or less enemies, or powerfull or powerless ones, and in the final round, you will fight against Dakar, the final boss, that he come with his minions that will make you cry, and if you defeat him, you will recive free items for the customization and a lot of money and Dakar as a playable character

If you want to see how the bots will fight, you can play the observation mode. Just this.

If you want to be the last man alive, you can try the wave mode, that you will fight agains waves of enemies, while you have to upgrade your character to survive.

And if you like the champaing mode, you have the challenges section, where you can get fast money and free items, also you can create your own champaing.

Online mode
In the online mode, you can fight 1 vs 1 agains a random player, or you can join in a tournament that you must to fight agains a powerfull players to get the victory. Also, you have the boss mode, where you have to ally with a player for defeat a difficult boss, and if you defeat him, you will get free items too and a lot of money. Also, there is solo boss, that it will become stronger while the players defeat him until he reach to level 100. You have the capture the flag mode, and the target mode, where you have to destroy more targets than the rival for win.

Also, you can transform your character as like as dragon ball ones, making him stages from they, when you reach max energy, you could transform to the next stage.

Thx for reading

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