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Asaiki 03-31-2019 07:51 AM

Mac OS X - 10.7.5
Hi! I haven't really been posting a lot on this forums but I've been lurking quite a bit, I've managed to fix one of my old Macs from 2011 and it has "decent" enough build where I think it'll be comfortable running a few softwares; mainly drawing softwares, video editing softwares, and probably osu! that's about it.

I need help updating it since I'm afraid of breaking the OS again since it took me a complete whole day to fix this and I don't want it to collect dust again. Any help would be appreciated!

Links to articles, videos, or such are much appreciated! Please help out since I'll be using this for minor school work since my old laptop finally gave out it's last final breath last night which made me try and fix this.

Kendama 01-25-2020 07:30 AM

Get a new laptop. Spend the time working instead of fumbling with this old garbage

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