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Alex Damian 12-18-2021 09:32 PM

Miss this game!
Miss it, hope its doing well

Weeno 12-26-2021 04:41 AM

hey what's up alex damian. i haven't heard your name since i was a kid lol. anyways the game is doing pretty bad honestly because they're completely ripping off players this year for christmas again. (see here: . come back and save us plz

PigParty 06-20-2022 03:44 AM

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Miss u babe <3

Also found this gem I think you'll appreciate.
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HamStarr 06-28-2022 06:44 AM

yah zone was pretty rad. missed blowing up ships..

Nyte* 08-14-2022 03:34 AM

Zone just crossed my mind after a few years. Pretty sentimental about this game. It was really such a small game, but it was a lot of fun to login each day and see the same players on the same game server.

Had a ton of fun with the combat, sparring, and especially basing even though it was so simple. I loved chasing those 1k hats lol, and especially playing in the same squad with friends in the game.

Hope everyone in the community is doing well these days! It was a ton of fun playing with everyone.

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