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Vera 10-29-2019 12:02 PM

iEra's Graphics Team is Hiring!

Hey Graalians!
iEra Graphics Team is Recruiting talented Pixel Artists who are willing to help us create future iEra content!
If you are interested, check our information below to apply!

Requirements to Apply:
1.) Personal Computer (Windows, Mac)
2.) Knowledge and Skill for Pixel Art
3.) Mature and Friendly Behavior to other staff, and players How to Apply
Send an email to [email protected] with
1.) Answers to the questions below.
2.) Graphic assignments listed below.

The Subject MUST BE: Graphics Application Questions
1. Do you have an iDevice or an Android? Do you play iEra on it? (If yes, list your name and your accountname, example : Rima / Graal123456 )
2. Have you ever been banned/Jailed? If yes, why?
3. Why should we choose You? What makes you fit in our team?
4. How often could you log on and work?
5. Do you have any experience with RC? Have you been former Staff already and if yes, where?
6. Can you work in a team and accept critiques respectfully and maturely?
7. Tell us a little more about yourself!
8. Which art program do you use to make Pixel Art? (ex. GIMP,, Photoshop...etc) Assignments (All submissions must be Made from scratch, this means NO EDITS from existing content.)
1. Make 2 Melee Sprites

2. Make at least 3 different styled hats

3. Make 3 Furniture pieces

- You can also add up to 3 files, of which you think we would like. (Pixel Art related)

Applications with no Pixel art will NOT be reviewed. Be sure to attach your work onto the email.

We are looking forward to see your wonderful applications :)
- Rima, Vera

Waterbottle 10-30-2019 04:45 PM

Good Luck :)

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