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Lapiz 08-02-2019 12:13 AM

iEra Levels Team is Hiring!
Hello everyone! The Era iPhone server is looking for some new members to add to the Level Team. If you have any experience in Levels and you're interested in joining the staff team, fill out the application below:

General Questions:

1) What is your in-game nickname?

2) What is your GraalID (this can be found in the feedback section in the menu)

3) How old are you? (there is no minimum age requirement)

4) Have you ever been jailed/warned, if yes please elaborate? (If lying, this can result in your application being disregarded)

5) How long have you been playing iEra?

6) Have you ever worked on another Graal server? Why do you no longer work there?

7) Can you work in a team maturely? Can you take constructive criticism and act upon it?

Please write a short paragraph or two on why you feel you are a suitable candidate for the levels team and why you want to work for iEra.

__________________________________________________ ____________________________

Level Based Questions:

1) How long have you been making levels? Are you familiar with the online tile editor?

2) What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to leveling? (please elaborate here)

3) Do you know what the Remote Control (RC) is? If so, explain.

4) Are you familiar with NPC scripting? Can you show me a basic NPC script?

5) How long do you feel is reasonable to finish a level?

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Upon completing the application, please send:
-1 Outside level
-2 Inside levels
*Be sure to include screenshots of each level you make*
All levels MUST be done in the Era Tileset

After completing the application above, send it to the Email: [email protected] (Make sure you include ALL questions you answered and ALL levels you made)

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact my staff account on Graal Era.

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