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Infernus Lapse 01-16-2018 05:19 PM

Character Builds
First off for context I havent played regularly in about 1-2 years, so Ive missed alot and coming back I thought I'd have some fun with it.

Id also just like to say beforehand I know not alot of people really care about or put alot of effort into builds as its not an actual part of era's experience, but since so much has changed and I probably wont catch up in a reasonable time I thought I'd bring up this fun project; I want to make some loadouts/builds and try them out basing with various guilds and see how well things stack up! I've made a few with the items I had on hand at the time of me coming back to the game and had a surprisingly good time with them, so here are some examples:

"Melee Build"
  • Legend of Era sword
  • Ice Dagger
The Ice dagger is still a quite effective melee weapon to this day, though mainly for breaching doors, and the legend of era does the damage, and while certainly usable requires you to be really good at getting around people and maneuvering around opponents, the heals are slow but still good if you manage to escape an encounter with your life

"The Bullet Wall"
(This is a build that is relatively cheap and used to be relatively effective whilst basing with my gang back in the day)
  • M-16
  • Bamboo Staff/Lightsaber
if you dont have the ec for a staff or lightsaber I'll usually just go with my rubber ducky hammer or any knockback or stun melee, since that's usually a pretty good help in a group and, when you get a bullet wall going, makes them easy prey for the others to go in on.

"The Skirmisher"
  • Water Pistols/ Water Rifle
  • Rubber Ducky Hammer
Now this one, besides the fact that the water pistols and rifle have held up pretty well in today's basing world as far as I've seen, is pretty entertaining. Mainly because when someone better than me comes in I just hop on the rubber duck mount and ride around evading my imminent doom, which was a surprisingly less common situation than I originally thought.

I can probably make more but this is the main three I have ran since coming back to Era about 5 days ago. Even coming up with these 3 was surprisingly easy and fun, so I encourage you guys to give it a try during down time at your guys' bases, you may find something surprisingly effective with a weapon you may have thought was no longer viable. Let me now what you think! Fun idea? Dumb thread? Should I go back into hiding? Post some loadouts in the thread and let me know if you had fun!

imSupah 01-16-2018 05:56 PM

Oh man you missed a lot. These builds really won't work with how the game is today. All you see are chems, flames, BARs and of the sorts. Still fun builds to run though but everyone is so serious in this game now be it PK, spar, or basing. Good to see another old member though.

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