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Graalians 08-27-2017 11:34 PM

Forum Rules
Graalians is open to everyone who plays graal, so the forum environment should be friendly and open. Feel free to use the report button ( if you feel that someone is in violation of the rules.

You must actually play Graal, in order to post

Be Nice:
  • Graalians is meant to be enjoyable for everyone, keep this in mind when discussing with other members.
  • Do not target other users in a negative manner just because you disagree with them.

Be Relevant:
  • Avoid spamming or replying to threads just to reply or increase your post count.
  • When posting make sure your thread title is relevant to the topic you are posting about and in the proper section.

Be Aware:
  • The following content is prohibited from being posted:

    • Advertising
      • Posts which also violate the GraalOnline's Terms and Conditions are not permitted.
      • Advertising other Graal based forums,or Discord channels, outside of official sites is not permitted, this is to ensure the safety of our members

    • Harassment/Bullying
      • This includes any content that slanders, defames, or misrepresents another person, as well as those which discriminate based on race, religion, culture, gender, or sexual orientation.

    • Explicit Language
      • The use of profanity and sexually explicit language is not permitted as these forums cater to all ages.

    • Adult Content
      • Graalians is open to all ages so any forms of adult content are not permitted, this includes posts regarding illegal activities, violence, or of a grotesque nature.

    • Personal Information
      • Posting the personal information of another member will be met with permanent exclusion from the forums.

    Do not discuss/advertise any Graal clones on this board.

  • In-game issues such as bans or player/staff reporting should not be posted here, but instead go through the GraalOnline support website:

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