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Christopher 08-04-2021 12:16 PM

stilts in water
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imagine the recently released stilts from the summer festival in the northern wilderness could be used in water, if this were to be possible, could you make it so, that your player would be at least one “stack” above where the player’s head would be when swimming, which is kind of high already for water or at least make it be chest high, so high that the player is just peeking out of the water and the player’s hands could be seen holding the stilts while navigating the water?


stilts aquatic extension
sell an aquatic extension for stilts where they would get longer when navigating the water, when this extension were activated, your player would be just high enough above the water to stay dry while navigating the seas of graal. maybe an extension like that could even work outside of water, it’d just add an extra “stack” of height to the stilts and would look similar to the “carry self” event item.

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standing close to water on stilts,
how cool it’d look if we’d be able to navigate water in graal using stilts. imagine how cool it’d look looting with people and everyone were using stilts.



Posted by Christopher (Post 831267)

i don’t know man. i remember when the worms were first added,
and everyone was specualating if it means that fishing will be added. yeah. to this day no fishing in sight.
would be cool though in my opinion.
i think that was around the time the facebook mirror server was around or shortly after it was closed. somewhere around 2014? i don’t know for sure. i kinda like the idea of having to dig for worms. that’s really realistic and

”i feel like a bait/fishing shop would take away the “classic” from classic.”

it would go too much into the direction of era/‘ol west in my opinion. maybe the fishing in classic will be a whole different thing. i mean the fishing in era and ‘ol west are already so different from one another. and zone hasn’t released it’s fishing yet either,
though there is a closed fishing shop.

”the NPC who buys fish on classic should be interacted with,
like beryl the witch is interacted with.”

to just hold up the fish to sell and then the NPC names a price.
of course a place to sell the fish would be necessary though, aswell as an increase in the drop rates of worms for sure. i mean if fishing were ever to be added to classic and this would be the way it goes, it seems fair to increase the drop rate. maybe it’d even be a whole other thing than getting bait or digging for worms too.

fishing on stilts
if fishing were to be released to classic, imagine how cool it’d be to be fishing from stilts.

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