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J* 09-09-2020 08:57 AM

This topic is for the discussion of why the 2019(?) Summer Pirate Cannon is a problem. Keep other issues related to basing for other topics :)

I want to bring up why this weapon is so toxic towards basing and hopefully make it more public to people who might not know much about west’s current basing meta. The TLDR of this is: Cannon’s splash damage does 25 damage, every single other splash-zone damage hitbox does 8

To elaborate: The pirate cannon has two hitboxes. One is a rather large cannonball, this does 25 damage (a quarter of a players health), this is fine! It’s a cannonball. The second hitbox however, is an extremely large “splash-zone” hitbox (micheal bay hitbox, a big boom boy, explosion, etc.) This hitbox, also does 25 damage, this is the problem. As i mentioned above, there are several other weapons that can do splash damage and, because of how splash damage functions, these other weapons deal pretty low damage to make up for the busted nature of splash damage, these other weapons deal 8 splash damage, that number is almost universally the case as of writing.

Little Timmy: “Andy, why is a high-damage splash-zone hit box a bad thing”
I’m glad you ask Timmy. To put it simply, it encourages a lazy and unskillful way of playing AND allows for some extremely game-breaking defence layouts when a few are used. Having several cannons fire into a doorway will insta-kill anyone trying to get through, completely stopping a gang from attacking (this can be done to a degree with most weapons but cannon splash damage cant be bodyblocked by allies meaning you can just clump them all wherever and damage will apply immediately) is very broken.

Should also mention that cannon can, on occasion, deal 50 damage. For whatever reason (probably a lag or delay thing) getting hit by the cannonball doesnt always trigger the explosion, instead the explosion will trigger where the cannonball would eventually go (so like a wall) if this happens, it is possible to be hit by BOTH the cannonball and explosion independently, dealing 50 damage (half of a players health, math.)

Should also mention that the Pirate Cannon was available to anyone for 60-80k gralats (very cheap for west) so theres no shortage of them or anything

Question: “will fixing cannon’s splash damage fix basing?”
Answer: of course not, but it’s a start. I will continue to voice concerns on these issues if there is precedent. It often feels like i’m one man screaming into the void, so if this is the place to make matters and concerns public then i’ll keep doing so in subsequent threads. I want to see basing be what it could be, not the oppressive, beginner un-friendly nature that it is now, thats what i’ve always believed in. To other like-minded people in the community, please voice your concerns, do so in a constructive way and we’ll see change eventually <3

Back on topic
Resolution: Make Pirate Cannon’s splash damage 8 like every other splash damage weapon

-Andy Aardvarks

***Cannon splash damage has been nerfed, topic can be closed***

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