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Drakey 08-23-2020 06:43 AM

False Jail Reason (Memory Strings)
I’ve been wondering when is the bug going to be fixed with players being falsely jailed by the system for memory editing strings. This mainly happens when a player grabs an npc that says, “Grab me to look like me” or switch their customs randomly. I too have been falsely jailed for this in the past but was unjailed a few minutes later after sending a ticket. But the main question is why do we have to send a ticket if admins know about the problem and not just unjail players right away. Saddens me to know that a few players had to afk the entire 300 hours without getting a response for toonslab. Ouch.

LwMark 08-28-2020 09:02 PM

I have been jailed for 3 weeks now and it says for hacking no one has responded my tickets...can someone please direct me to someone who can help . I did nothing wro ng my...I was logged out it had my character in noob cowboy outfit then it restarted again an i was in jail

I k ow we cant post about bans here but god damn it it's been weeks with no response from my tickets

Who can i talk to please.. i did nothing wrong an i was fixing 10k hours.. i literally did nothing or downloaded any programs

Please help!!!

Drakey 08-30-2020 07:40 AM

Like I said, you should’ve been unjailed right away due to the fact that admins on west know about the system bug that jails players for graphics bug. But you can try to contact xxi since she’s the one I can recall showing it to.

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