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WaFFL3Cake 07-07-2016 08:31 PM

Family Gangs?
I'm looking for a gang to join that is preferably a family, but more importantly has active members and doesn't strictly base. If anyone knows of such a gang, lemme know! :)

If not, if anyone is interested in starting up a family, I'm down for that too. As long as any basing is just for fun and isn't our main priority. The gang I own right now is called FRUITCAKE, so search it up and shoot me a pm about anything too :D

EDIT: I'm working on reviving FC. The plan is to come up with a family name, have someone create a gang called The _____ Family or something and FC will be a branch of it. Just in case if the project fails, feel free to still post about any current family gangs!

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