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Christopher 07-12-2021 11:02 AM

˙buıləəɟ ʇɐɥʇ
alright. you’re where you’re at right now. from this point, imagine your conciousness zooming out of your body. far far out. so far, you’re looking at the earth from space. now, i know that from space’s perspective, there is no up or down. but from our point of view there is an up and a down, right? now, remember, you’re still where you’re at right? your conciousness is just zooming out to space. alright, so imagine that where you’re at, the point where you are at is upside down. like, looking at the globe, the point where you are at would have turned south from the earth’s rotation and suddenly it feels like you are actually upside down even when you take your conciousness back to your body. back to where you are at. as if the center of the earth were now up and everything from that point is down and like spider-man, you’re glued to the earth with your feet by gravity. the feeling that there is an up or a down disintegrates. i was just remembering how often i was laying in my room as a kid and doing that. imagining that. it is an almost ecstatic feeling that one gets just by imagining that. realizing that there really is no up or down. no drugs necessary. just thought i’d share this memory with y’all rq.

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