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Weeno 06-27-2021 06:33 PM

Graal Youtube... A Discussion
Alright i know this forums dead but i'll always be that little kid on the forum who constantly spams. even though i've now aged 6 more years since i was last active here.

But did else used to watch a bunch of graal youtube videos back in the day? i've been watching them again and it brings back the memories. the cheap editing, the slideshow lyric videos (those are so wholesome), or just any nice little tutorial. trentcae is a legend in my books the dude was ahead of his time in editing. sadly his videos are gone now. and then i know a guy mr londonuts who's the biggest graaltuber there ever was.

all i'm saying is i missed these days. graal youtube is one of the most underrated parts of graal. i mean look at those videos from 8+ years ago. look how many memories they hold. or look at how most of us wouldn't have done quests or earned gralats properly if it weren't for the helpful videos we'd search up. i wouldn't have known how to build a codeshop if it wasn't for a video that a 12 year old made 10 years ago

anyways here's a shameless plug for my new youtube video i made

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