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ihermes 03-11-2020 05:58 AM

Ol' West Updated Upload Rules
Hello, i will be reviewing the new upload rules on ol wests.
I feel that we've been a little bit too harsh when it comes to uploads.
And since a lot of uploads are a bit iffy on things i want to clarify what is allowed.
I want players to enjoy what they upload and to also be creative on what they make, to be able to express what you make as long as its not too extreme.
As stated before, i'll be explaining what is and not allowed on west.

Non Human Heads

I like the thought of people having non human heads and would love to see more of it, i know some players will have half human and half animal heads. but overall i feel this rule should be lifted so people may be creative with what they make.

Face Accessories

This one is a little risky, i'm alright with players wanting to wear a "LITTLE" bit of something on their face.
This mostly falls as bandages or mouth pieces, these will now be allowed for uploads.
No you can't have full mask on your face (mask that cover your whole face), or half mask.


Just like face accessories, headbands must be kept at a minimal.
They should be kept barely seen and under your hair
The knot of the headband may show, as long as its not too large.
If you're wearing a head that doesn't have any hair then it will still be automatically declined.

Flame Eyes

I'll keep this short, we're now allowing flame eyes,
the gif can't be too long, at most it should have 12 frames, dont see why you would need more than that.

Glowing Eyes

Same as the Flame eyes, we're allowing glowing eyes.

Girl Head Accessories

This can also be for guys if you want, we're allowing small hair assortments on the head.
Can be like a small ribbon, nothing too big.

Color Gif Heads

We're allowing small colored gif heads, as long as they aren't too fast
you can set them to 200 ms per frame.
Flashing heads that are too fast will be automatically declined.

If you have questions on what uploads are allowed, as in you want to find out if it follows the rules.
You may contact me through this thread or message me on disc.

Rowdy Rebel 03-14-2020 03:55 AM

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I keep trying to upload a scarecrow head but itís keeps getting rejected. Its being called a mask its a full scare crow head it was never intended to be a mask. Theres already a mummy head in the game wouldn't you consider that a mask then too? Whos in charge of the upload review

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