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Skt A. Sangue 06-21-2019 07:34 PM

GoFundMe for a fellow Graalian; Abuse
Hey folks, haven't really used these forums in a while.

I have been asked by my cousin to spread some information around. So that's what I'll do.

He's created a GoFundMe page to help his friend essentially run away. There's a lot of details to unpack about this and I'm not comfortable summarizing it because it isn't my story to tell. What I can say is that it deals with parental abuse. As a parent now, this topic is something that is really important to me because no kid should have to go through it.

I am going to link it down below but I already expect a lot of negative comments to follow this. I had put something up on Zone's in game forums and immediately got hit with a lot of toxicity before it was removed (which I don't think it should have, but that's a different issue). Again, it's not my story and I don't know the full details, but, I'm willing to defend her and this campaign because I've seen this girl first hand and it's really easy to scoff at the issue when there's no face connected to it, but really heart breaking when it's in front of you. My wife and I are actually going to let her stay at our place for a while and tell her parents that we're paying her to be our house sitter while we're away on vacation just so she can get out of that environment. Again, the issue is something that I genuinely believe needs support and I woudn't be on here if I didn't think so. I suggest you guys reading the page prior to continuing with my points below.

So, to address any comments that may arise that I know people will put down (as I most likely will not be logging back onto this):

"Get a job"
She has a job. Her plan is very expensive. I don't think it's really possible for anybody to argue that running away is cheap. Additionally, she would like to continue to attend college. That's expensive. She has funds and I'm going to try to support her as best as I can and I know a few personal friends are as well, but it's not going to cover everything she might need.

"Go to the cops"
For this one, I do lean with some criticism. I get it, child abuse is literally illegal. On the other hand, she probably won't win her case. My wife actually went through this, albeit in a different country, and her experience was not beneficial. In fact, many children don't get good outcomes from this. It's illegal to permanently injure your child and psychological damage can count, however, the wording can be very loose and often times it's in the favor of the parent. Not only that, but that's also quite expensive. She is over 18 which makes it more difficult for her to get the same treatment as say a 12 year old who is being abused. Lastly, she doesn't want her parents ending up in prison as she knows it will negatively impact her siblings- which she claims get treated fairly by them. As someone who grew up in the system, being without parents sucks- trust me on that. I still am like 20% unable to completely agree that she shouldn't call the cops, but it's her choice and I respect it.

"She's an adult, she doesn't have to run away- she can just leave"
She doesn't have any means of transportation besides asking others and again, see the first point.

"I'm not going to give her my hard earned cash/Graal is for children, don't ask us"
It's understandable if you choose not to give her money. I know many friends of mine who aren't and they've literally met this girl. What's not okay though is for others to belittle her and act like she's not the victim here. I've seen a lot of toxicity surrounding this the most and it's truly heart breaking because a child does not have control over their parents. She tried to talk to them. Just because you're aware of the situation and are in the circumstances where you cannot help out, don't turn it around and try to justify it just so you can feel better about yourself. It's really disrespectful to her and all the children out there who can't stand up for themselves in the best way possible. To do nothing is one thing, but to attack a kid who is in a really low situation is just really toxic and I hoped we were better than that.
And with regards to the whole "wrong community" thing- She was a Graalian. She played for numerous years starting in 2012 on Classic and then moving to Era. She went by Jendy. I never actually met her in the game but I do know that this is true. She is part of this community, hence why I figured sharing would be important. If knew her, please remember that she's wanted this sorta private so I hope you can respect her and not completely start gossiping. I understand that the platform is aimed at kids who cannot donate money, but still. There's bound to be some adult somewhere, right? I mean, I'm one of them. We exist. I'm not targeting kids with this, I'm targeting those who care enough to help. Can't donate? Spread the word. Put it on social media so it reaches more locations. Bump this post so it's still here and relevant.

GoFundMe has had lots of successes but for every success, there's 100 people who could not be helped. I don't think she needs this money the most on that platform. I'm going to be honest, there's people in really bad situations that might cost them their lives on there. But it is bad. I'm helping her out because I can relate to her issue. I'm helping her out because I was asked directly. This is a public forum so I know it's being put out there to everybody, but I hope you can see this as my direct invitation to help her.

That's all from me, see you guys again in 2000 years.

It's not an SKT post without a giant wall of text and disagreements below. I already know this will be hit with backlash. I genuinely apologize if I broke some sort of rule, I did not look over them before posting. I hope that if this does get flagged, they can edit it instead of deleting it so that it works around the rules. Or maybe one of you can make a new post that works. I don't know. But it was important to reach out to you guys.

Saeed 06-21-2019 08:43 PM

It's rare to have evil parents, she just needs to understand them better but she might be 100% right.
Sorry to hear to that :/
The problem is there is not much information given so people can't be sure wither this is a scam or not you know. But you had your reason.
$2,000 dollars is not going to help her much if she is planning to move out, study in college and afford food etc by herself. She needs to re-consider her decision. But if she works hard and find a good job while studying in college (which is super hard) she will hopefully have a higher chance of doing well.
As for her depression, tell her to find a habbit, maybe working out in the gym, dancing or whatever she would like. I wish you and her the best luck.

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