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Jeff10 10-26-2017 06:50 PM

Ol'West New Gani Application!
Ol'West is hiring Gani Artists!!

-If you don't know what a gani is, do not apply.
-Don't sweat over these questions or lie.

-In-game nickname:

-Graal ID:

1.) How old are you?

2.) Have you worked on any other servers before? If so, please list the servers and how long you worked there.

3.) Are you familiar with Graal RC and what it is used for?

4,) How long have you been doing Graal Animations (Ganis)? And what are your experiences with the graal shop?

5,) What does "clear unused sprites" do and how does it help the server.

6,) Explain how to use the setbackto and what it is used for.

7,) After using a melee attack/gun fire gani your character turns invisible - what could be causing it?

8.) Why should we choose you over the other applicants applying for this position? What makes you stand out?

9.) Please tell us anything else that would help you on your application.

Create the following ganis for the gun: walk, idle, fire and reload.
Gun Image:
Create the following ganis for the melee: walk, idle, and attack.
Melee Image:
If you have any gani work, you can send it too, it just need be created by you.

11.) How may we contact you? (Skype, email, kik, etc.)

Please submit your application to: [email protected]
with the Subject: "Gani Application"

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to put your Graal ID (you can get it on the feedback) !! It's really important.

Good luck to everyone who applies!

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