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Eric Rage* 11-25-2018 07:18 PM

Open Zone patrol Applications
Iím not here to bash or diminish the work that the staff of zone have done,the ones who are working still and the ones who are retired but this needs to be said. Iíve been trying to apply for the zone patrol team for about years now and the application has cease to open up to the public. Now I understand if you have a full team but when I log on thereís hardly ever any zone patrol staff on,thereís usually a minimum of 2-3 online each day. And when theyíre on they donít respond or answer questions. Iíve had multiple times where players have told me this admin wonít respond they have pms disabled. Now again I understand staff get busy and the work load is heavy but if itís so heavy thatís all the more reason to (open) the zone patrol applications. Whatís even more surprising is my time logging on I noticed one of the staffs iOS account had vulgar terms in it? Like itís one thing to not open apps,but to allow immature players to become staff and diminish the point of the position,to be mature,communicate and assist players who donít understand their way around the server. I for one donít think itís fair to the players like myself who are dedicated and mature and want to take on this task on helping the player base and making a better community for the players along with expanding the player base and experience. Iím not saying every staff is immature so if that is what you got from my previous comment I truly apologize to each staff who works their tail off on behalf of this server. But having said all that,I think itís only fair that the zone applications open effective immediately.

-Eric Rage*

Eugeen 11-25-2018 09:08 PM

Isn't 2-3 enough for zone's playercount? Their only job is to punish rulebreakers and accept uploads

bobby99 11-30-2018 12:38 PM

We need more ZP staff members to be honest.

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