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Weeno 01-01-2020 06:29 PM

These present “scams” are getting out of hand
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Look zone, I get it. Maybe you have less content to give out than other servers. Or you want people to spend more money and buy presents. It makes total sense. But this, THIS is getting out hand. At this point it’s just gambling. I spent 1000 gralats on a “cracker” which essentially is a firecracker you open and it’s like a present and you get something. But what I got was probably the poorest thing I’ve seen in my entire life from a graal server. Look at what the arrows in my picture are pointing at.

That my friends is a FURNITURE ITEM that I paid 1000 GRALATS for. And you know how I got those 1000 gralats? From selling 20 present furnitures. Look at that present box in the corner. Imagine 20 of them. That’s what I got for Christmas. 20 of them. All of them sellable for only 50 gralats so I made no profit at all.

Sawyer 01-01-2020 06:54 PM

Get good

Weeno 01-01-2020 07:26 PM


Posted by Sawyer (Post 829370)
Get good

End my misery first

SammyPs 01-04-2020 03:34 AM

just stop playing Zone 4Head

Fp* 01-06-2020 02:53 PM

If you think that's a scam they sold fire crackers that give you a chance of getting a "plasma shard" which is to be used similar to era's exotic coins i assume, in a shop in the future. To get an assumed higher chance, you must purchase gralat packs (using real money) to get gold crackers which supposedly gives a higher chance. Saw people saying they spent $50 and got nothing lol.

Miner05 01-07-2020 12:41 PM

Cough cough* Graal classic is another one

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