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Macbeth 06-28-2020 04:11 AM

Graal Stream
So I am a bit upset that during the stream, they did giveaways, and I was the only one who guess the song correctly, yet they gave the prize to another person.
The song, which is titled “Binary Sunset”, is a Star Wars song composed for the first Star Wars movie, was the song that was played on the instrument.

For those that haven’t heard it:
This song is heard when Luke is looking into the sunset.

The people running the graal giveaway said the song was titles “Star Wars” or “Star Wars theme”, which is absurd! The Star Wars theme is completely different, and has a different intro:

regas 06-28-2020 10:24 AM

Hi Macbeth, please check your private messages... Thank you!

Darlene 06-28-2020 06:10 PM


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