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Dots 06-25-2020 01:57 AM

I reset my gardens and I'm good now if you can make the wither time like the previous version I think it was double the grow time to wither that's just a guess I was growing raspberries and water melon and they never withered when I was sleeping

ihermes 06-26-2020 12:16 AM

the wither before was 5 minutes after the water was empty, it was only changed for blue berry crops because of their timer, and it was glitched and not wither at all.
the current wither system takes account the total growth time but divided by 2. so its still 5 minutes for blue berry crops, but different for others.
and also refreshes the timer when filled with water.

Kate R. 05-09-2021 01:23 PM

With bbs's trade value falling, I planned to farm them instead. These are suggestions that crossed my mind:

Instead of showcasing the # of plots present, make it # of plots not watered/harvested. It should only work if you planted something.

for visualization (I'll insert image representations when I get my pc fixed)
# of plots watered/to be watered (shown after planting)
ex. [10/25 plants watered]

# of plots to be harvested (shown after plant is completed)
ex. [0/10 plants harvested]

Note: I know I previously recommended having push notifications for this case, but

Posted by ihermes (Post 826588)
i want farming to be something that people feel rewarded when doing

lets roleplay as farmers who are responsible for seeing the status of our plants!

I get a hint it takes a lot of work cause of the present-time processing of information for each factors, but I really just wanted to have it here.


Posted by ihermes (Post 826588)
its not even a job that has levels (mining,woodcutting) YET.

�� my thoughts on maybe how I think it would turn out:
Since we have a lot of varieties to plant, it's a long thinking process to make things fair. We can't just have the same system as mining/woodcutting (dividing them into milestones requiring levels to earn) that'd be sad imo.

How about having the time you spent planting + harvesting your dear crops be a source of EXP? The plant needs to be well cared and harvested before it withers. This would encourage players to plant and be responsible on more long-lasting plants. Or maybe not.. but it works?
Basically this skill develops through patience and diligence, respect for your plants, reputation as a farmer!
> EXP will only be added after you harvest your plant. And the time spent = the time the plant is required to grow. NOT the time you spent stalling its growth.

An exclusive room to buy exclusive seeds for players that reached a certain level.
> Maybe a buffed version of the current seeds, ofcourse can only be planted by the players who COULD buy them, and what I mean is that you need the N level to buy and plant them, so making it tradable would make sense, similar to how the other jobs trading work but the difference is we're using seeds, not the tools for farming aka watercans (as we buy pickaxes, axes or rods).
> Again similar to other jobs, we have wooden, iron, golden and diamond tools. I know we have silver, gold watercans but my point is, an identical system for our exclusive seeds as they are exclusive based on the same requirements(levels).

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