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Xenethes 09-22-2022 02:48 AM

Classic Graaloween GFX Submissions 2022!

As Spooky Season quickly approaches, Classic invites everyone to participate in our annual player-submitted Halloween graphics competition! Your theme is, of course, Halloween!

As always, the rules are as follows:
  1. NO copyright infringement.
  2. Keep things appropriate (i.e. nothing obscene, inappropriate, or controversial in nature)
  3. DO NOT use pure black (#000000) or pure white (#ffffff). If you use these colors, they will become transparent in-game.
  4. Please only create 4 recolours/reskins in total for 1 unique item; If you choose the gralat reward, you will only receive the gralats worth for one hat or item (10'000/5'000,) and no additional gralats for recolours/reskins.
  5. All submissions must utilize one of the provided templates. Custom sized morphs, mounts, furniture, etc. will not be allowed.
  6. All submission must be .png file format. Any other file formats (ex. .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, etc.) will not be accepted.
  7. No edits of existing content.
  8. If you collaborate on art with anyone, only one person can receive rewards.
  9. Do not submit items you have submitted or plan to submit on other GraalOnline servers.
  10. All graphics must be tested using the provided link below. If your item(s) do not fit or appear broken on Graal, they will not be accepted.
  11. The theme is Halloween. Any graphics submitted must follow this theme - submissions which are not Halloween themed will risk denial.

As for the rewards, players whose submissions are accepted will receive a reward of either 10,000 Gralats (for more complex items i.e hats, mounts, etc.) or 5,000 (for simpler items i.e bouncy balls, pogos, etc.) OR the submission(s) added to their account.

Templates can be found below:
Click here!
Please test your graphics on this site:

If you're interested in participating, you can upload your graphics to an image hosting site (such as and email the links to [email protected] - title the email "Classic Halloween 2022" and include your preference reward, as well as your Graal ID (which can be found in your feedback menu in-game,) and a preferred personal display name for if your item is featured on display in the Candy Shop; if no preferred name is given, your current username will be used.
Submissions are open from September 22nd to October 25th, 2022! player-submitted items will appear inside the Candy Shop in Old Deadwood!

Questions and comments can be asked in this thread, although please use this progress thread for receiving or giving constructive criticism.

Here is this year's bonus template:
The accessory template!


Q: Can I submit multiple items? A: Yes. See rule 4. The only limit is on recolours or reskins, there is no limit for unique items.
Q: Can I collab with a friend? A: Yes, but only 1 person can receive the rewards. See rule 8
Q: Can I submit multiple links? A: We'd prefer only one, but multiple is fine
Q: Can I submit multiple emails? A: again, we'd prefer only one, but multiple is fine.
Q: Can I send more than 4 recolours/reskins, and let staff decide which recolours are accepted? A: No. Any rule violations will result in your graphics being denied, see rule 4
Q: Can we have more templates to work with? A: Unfortunately this is unlikely, just because other templates are very difficult to work with or because they're easy to break (reminder to test your graphics here!)
Q: I submitted something and later realized my item is broken. Can I send another email with the fixed version? A: Yes! Please send in another email if you notice your item is broken, featuring all the same information (GraalID, preferred display name, reward preference)
Q: What is a display name? What happens if I submit a wrong display name? A: A display name is for crediting you as the artist, if your items get into the Candy Shop display - it's your name, as the artist, not the item's title. If this is submitted incorrectly, we will still accept your submission, but we will use your current username as the display name.
Q: My email is blocked from sending emails to Graal's address. What should I do? A: Submit items using a different email address.
Q: When will I receive my confirmation email? A: Within 24 hours of you submitting, as of 11/10/2022.
Q: When will I receive my acceptance/denial email? A: \_(ツ)_/

Best of luck, everyone! Happy Graaloween!

Mushroom 09-22-2022 03:48 AM

good morning America I’m back with another round of halloween! Will we be getting more morph templates this year? We never had any floating morphs or big ones.

Xenethes 10-11-2022 06:18 PM

Hello everyone!

Just updating this thread to let you all know that confirmation emails will be sent out soon.

Confirmation emails are sent out to confirm that you sent in the correct information and your submission is being processed. It does not mean that your item(s) have been/will be accepted for certain.

If you don't receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of sending in your submission (from today on,) it most likely means that you're missing information, or the information you gave was incorrect in some way. At this point, you are encouraged to re-read the rules post above, and to re-submit your item(s) with the correct information.

Further questions can be asked in this thread, you can ping me or DM me from the Graalians Discord server for help, or you can find me on Classic leading the guild "babydog" to PM me on Graal directly. Goodluck everyone <3

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